Doodle at GameLab Barcelona!

Last week we travelled to Barcelona to attend GameLab, an event full of incredible personalities of the videogame industry and an indie hub with a whole lot of awesome indie games.

One of those games was our project Doodle, which catched the attention of many people’s eyes because of its simple but particular aesthetic. Lots of journalists and indie developers reached us to try our game at our booth and gave us lots of useful feedback that we will use to improve our game. We are super excited with the new changes that are coming!

One of those people who played Doodle was… (drum roll) f*cking Shawn Layden! It was really exciting seeing the CEO of Sony Interactive Studios play our game. It was also kind of weird because we used an Xbox One Controller, so we are hoping that it didn’t gave him allergy or something like that.

Photograph of Shawn Layden playing Doodle
Shawn Layden playing Doodle

Some indie videogames we had time to try at the convention were Blasphemous by The Game Kitchen, a metroidvania very inspired by Dark Souls and Sevillian traditions with a gorgeous visual style. Etherborn by Altered Matter, a puzzle game with a very unique approach to gravity puzzles and art style. Last but not least was Unmemory, a text-based game with a scape room touch. We are really hyped about them and can’t wait for their release, good luck with development!

Our favourite part of the event was the conferences and talks. There were a lot of interesting speakers like Maja Moldenhauer, Rami Ismail, Amy Hennig or Jonathan Blow. Their talks were really inspiring for us, and we were bursting with lots of new ideas. Jonathan Blow showed his own programming language, which we will keep an eye on (we’re sorry, we do also hate C++). However, one of the most useful talks for me was Rami Ismail’s. It described a lot of challenges I had to struggle with this year and was kind of touching and emotive for me. Thank you, Rami!

In GameLab there is also a very informal and humorous award ceremony for Spanish developers. This year, Metroid: Samus Returns by Mercury Steam, Bring You Home by Alike Studios and The Red Strings Club by Deconstructeam were the winners. We are really happy for them! (Our favourite is the last one, but keep quiet!)

After the event finishes, there is another even more informal and humorous award ceremony called The Indie Burger Developer Awards. They are made by developers for developers, and the atmosphere there is incredible. Every nominee category is showed with an amusing video montage, for example dubbing Hideo Kojima with quotes of our former Spanish president. It’s a lot of fun and creates lots of good vibes among the community. Furthermore, the award is a plush burger!

After the Indie Burger, came the most fun part of the trip: The Sindiecate Pool n’ Beer Party! I think the name describes itself pretty well: It was an awesome party, in a house with a garden, a pool, and, of course, lots of beer. This party is for devs, students and everyone in the industry, and it is such a great occasion to meet people! We had lots of fun talking with personalities we admire and congratulating them for their games.

Special thanks to Paula García, RicoAlbe and Samanta Sempere for showing a genuine interest in our game, motivating us to keep working on it to make it better.

See everyone of you soon!


We have a website and it’s super cool!

Hello everyone and welcome to our website!

For anyone who may not know us, we are Autumn Springs Studios, a videogame studio from the north of Spain. We are currently working on our first game, Doodle, starting our career as professionals.

We are very excited about our adventure as developers, and every small step feels like a huge one for us. Having a website is kinda cool, so we are feeling very proud about it.

We will keep you updated on our projects if you subscribe to our mailing list here.

We hope to see you soon and thanks for reading!

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